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Webinar – VSC: Questioned Document Examination

What will be covered?

Today, the VSC has become the premier range for QDE workstations; it is the most innovative and precise tool to unravel mysteries hidden within documents, artefacts, and even passports. From its pivotal role in forensic investigations, where it uncovers hidden details crucial for authenticity and fraud prevention, to its contributions in art conservation, where it unveils secrets hidden within historical artefacts, the VSC stands as a beacon of innovation, reliability, and precision in the realm of forensic technology. Join us as we journey through the evolution and significance of foster+freeman’s premier range of QDE workstations: the Video Spectral Comparator. We will be introducing demonstrating and talking about the latest and treated in the world of forensic imaging technology for document examination.
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What equipment will we be showcasing?

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The complete solution for hybrid document interrogations

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